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Monday, November 23, 2009

twitter for christmas @@@

what if...
you could twitter for christmas? 
are you a little short of $$$ this year and want to do something, make something, be thoughtful and helpful? why not twitter for christmas.
lets say you have a friend who love cooking and recepies , you find a name not yet taken, fill out the info very basicly and make an avatar that looks like cookbooks and a twitter background that looks like food. you then follow cooks who commonly post recepies and good value on gormet products...make a password your friend can change and had it over in a christmas card
Just don't use the persons name
1 photographers follow camera mfgs and other photographers
2 travel follow travel bloggers , cruise ships airlines and peeps they follow
3 artists follow art magazines, art museums other artists, artwalks organizations
4 positive thinking "quotes" follow the best quote ers on twitter so there's a steady positive roll of good stuff
5 etsy people enough said easy to find very nice crowd any arty crafter would love to read and see what people are making.
6 internet marketers. perrhaps you have an employment challenged friend or reletive that does not know where to start in this social media world. if you can't find a job find work. follow the affiliate marketers, let your friend see what's out there
7gardening follow seed companies, other gardeners green sites
8eco friendly ...green windmill sites, green coaches eco everything.
9web design follow these guys. amazing stuff
10sports teams follow people who follow the same sports team

these are just some basic ideas. you're creativity will take you way farther than this. I think you could follow about 200 people who are current active twitterers and you would have a timely lively thoughtful gift