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Thursday, April 9, 2009

fred waldemer korthase and 2600 trees

today my dad would have been 92.
He made 86 years on this earth, michigan
Happy birthday dad. what a world .
My dad grew up in a farmhouse with no indoor plumbing or electricity. He wound up with a cell phone. he lived during the most amazing advanced in human history.
He fought in wwII. and was so proud of his service.
He raised 4 amazing kids. we are all "kinda different" as they would say in the midwest. blazingly secure in our lives.
My dad was a 4-H leader and pioneer. he raised 4 4-H kids and helped so many more at at his funeral there were no more seats.
He ran the roller rink in the basement of the catholic church. and taught an army of kids to skate and work...by offering every boy who wanted to work a job as a skateboy.
He was an electrician...he loved to work more than anything.
He planted 2600 trees in the last rtwo years of hbis life.
He needed to get the trees in. people are discovering them all the time.
He planted fruit trees that were suppose to take at least 15 years to bear fruit when he was 80.
and got the fruit anyway. I guess he either was optimistic or giving.
I'm going to borrow some of dad's optisism today to keep going forward during this econami. where it seems impossible at every turn, i just have to get those 2600 trees in...
or phone calls or drop off a flyer because I love to work too.
more than anything.
happy birthday dad.
and don't fall down laughing at all the green stuff you hear about. you were green when...
well you get it.
celeste korthase
daughter of fred korthase

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