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Sunday, May 31, 2009

can twitter save Michigan?

It sounds like a preposterous claim or even question...but i have an odd idea. my heart has broken to see the giant companies in my home state collapse under the weight of the econami. Regardless of what you thinkof the cause, fault, or reasons' one must agree it's a complicated issue and many people are suffering and collapsing under the weight of forclousure, and joblessness in Michigan.
I say for a moment, lay blame aside and consider the solution and not the problem.
Michigan is beautiful.
Michigan is a photographers paradise.
Michigan has more freshwater coastline than any other state.
Michigan has breathtaking farm and country roads that will take you back in time.
Michigan has festivals and county fairs 4-H and ffa kids showing their work

I believe that if the good people from michigan begin to twitter about the virtues of their hometown.
 interesting landmarks,
 hometown restaurants, 
little inns,
 special fishing spots,
 boating opportunities, 
great sailing spots, 
beautiful roads, 
country settings, 
farm markets,
 fruit seasons, 
local history,
 and special quirky details
and what if michigan residents and former residents homesick for that special view or quirky restaurant started twittering AND sending killer fabulous twitpic s out AND making Michigan a trending topic on twitter
well what if???
I love my home state and the wonderful people. I think there could be a groundswell of enthusiasm.
what if
you could influence someone to travel around Michigan rather than a sterile regimented theme park ... what if you could influence someone to explore and have their own unique experience...in your hometown.
i'm inviting people to my hometown montague michigan home of the world's largest weather vane. it's on Lake Michigan and White lake and it's the most amazing hometown in America
what if...
Michigan residents gave it a try and attract tourists in record numbers. it could create more jobs and maybe some different outcomes in the lives of people.
mostly there is nothing to lose.
If you are from michigan,  and are on twitter... i urge you to give it a try.


  1. Why not? Tourism, movies, National Parks all think this is a beautiful state, why wouldn't we want to kick in.

    Let me add a little flickr page, feel free to go through my entire account and see lots of Michigans' beauty from all angles, all seasons.

    I'll RT this blog, and try to link and carry on soon with my blog.

  2. http://www.flickr.com/photos/1cher/sets/72157617990855064/

  3. Celeste, Do you know of @PureMichigan? Check out their Twitter feed! My 103 YO grandfather was born in a tiny town in Michigan-Grand Junction. It's all beautiful farmland.

    Thanks for writing this and thank you for your support. There's a lot of great people working to revitalize Detroit and Michigan right now and I'm working with them on behalf of our client in Detroit, Gardner White Furniture.

    Make sure to follow the #140Conf Detroit that's being held there Oct. 20th. There's so much there happening that's really GOOD.

    Have a great day!