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Saturday, May 2, 2009

does guerilla marketing work???

I have been working for the past 9 months to reestablish and update my interior designer, architect, developer, and contractor files. I've been reestablishing contact by email, mail and phone. my goal is to get a considered response with regard to the possibliity of us being a useful resource for them
2 for rent
When i'm out on a job or driving around i always have flyers or post cards to leave in a storefront, restaurant , actually any for retail space for rent. i see these as opportunity. these are the places where a new business will go in.
 when i see work actually going on i take my portfillio books inside as if I have an appointment already and see if i can speak with the job supervisor. sometimes the owner or designer are on site. they are always interested.
and linked in. I send out messages that relate to my business and leave my web address often. in twitter always change the message
i write this blog. I invent types of restaurants, new concepts, ideas...even what you can do with 400 empty circuit cities.
6 ask for referrals.
 if you have good customers go in and leave some card with them, say you've always gotten calls from their customers and wanted to make sure they had some cards so it would be convenient. get the name of the person you gave the cards to. just to thank them.

I've been doing this aggressively persistantly and consistantly for 6 months and the phone has started to ring.

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