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Saturday, March 28, 2009

looking for work

This week was rough. i started looking more in ernest for additional work for myself and small crew. I am an artist and decorative finish artisan. (I paint walls), we stain concrete and do venetian plaster.
I'm going through a through look at every type of customer who could use us and do my best to make contact and see if i can get a meeting. everything is a long shot. I keep pushing forward somehow. we could get work from interior designers, architects, landscape designers or contractors. sometimes we get contacted directly by a restaurant that uses us.
for contact I've used a combination of email, phone, and mail. I'm promoting my web site on twitter and facebook. I put an ad in a restaurant newspaper and have called every past client and am looking for new ones.I printed up flyers and walked melrose and put one in every door on melrose ave in la. There usually are no places for rent on Melrose and in a 5 block area there were 29 places for rent.  I sent 38 letter to funeral homes with selected finishes they could use.
my result was one meeting, 2 phone calls 2 emails and over 100 hits on my website. nothing from the funeral homes.
I wrote this to remember what it's like now,and to share with anyone struggling to find work to keep going, keep trying. 
I actually have no results, I've been at this work finding in an extreme phase for 6 months. i believe in myself and my work and i won't give up.
my website is celestekorthasestudio.com

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