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Thursday, April 2, 2009

showing up is 80%

man...I decided to suit up and show up today. I had an appointment with a salon owner for some work but the appointment was cancelled. i was already dressed and ready to do something so i went out prospecting.
it's easier to hide behind the old, and i mean old, mac, sending out emails and some snail mail but nothing works like showing up. 
"showing up is 80%" woody allen
so out we go, my husband and i. he had an appointment with an apartment owner to see his stained concrete, we got there and the guy couldn't be less interested in my husbands beautiful work. the guy only wanted price, Jeremy gave him and quote and we went on our way but no appointments in mind.
I saw a new building yesterday with a empty sales office in the fashion district. a lightbulb went off in my head that they would like the sales office to sell the rental untils by being beautiful. i found out from  a security guard where the corp office was and just showed up, I had my portfollio books with me and told the guy i was making him the deal of a lifetime.
He sat down with me listened and he considering my proposal.
so that's something
and then we handed out somewhere around 75 flyers in for rent store fronts on melrose, beverly blvd, san vicente and la brea.
I've been doing this work for 30 years and i'm reduced to walking the streets hat  in hand almost begging for work. and we are REALLY good. last year this time i had 5 restaurants at once.
I have emailed, i have called, I have sent out post cards showing our work but I have to believe that showing up at a building that is for rent will ultamatey get a tenant and perhaps if they know about us they will consider us.
I also believe that if there is any work to be had being out there will give me a better chance than the artist sitting home smoking dope.
I'm not accepting this econami, I refuse to participate in the recession.
I will get work

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