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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

5 new restaurant concepts

i 've got 5 new restaurant concepts completely designed utilizing our skills. if something sounds interesting give us a call and we will explain more to you. no obligation... just we hope to be considered for your restaurant creative work. stained concrete, faux finishing, decorative wall finishes, handpainted furniture or site specific art.

1 chinese restaurant. we have an amazing modern concept for a chinese restaurant that really showcases your fine dishes. stained concrete, venetian plaster walls and the piece de resistance art idea that will surely bring customers back.

2 thai restaurant. the idea comes from the chaing mai night markets a beautiful hip modern restaurant with street cooking artifacts used as a sculpture ...and think orchids.

3 lofty urban restaurant.  warm modern quirky ;like an artists loft, a great gathering place workable for many moderate price food concepts, stained floors, art, the best thing is we could put it in a stripmall in kalamazoo or kankakee.

4 sandwich restaurant. amazing sandwiches, delicious healthy healthy healthy, not rolls or hard bread. custom made with delicious ingredients. the restaurant has a retro hippie feel cleaned up. to go and catering options. would make a good little spot near an industrial workplace concept. 

5 yogurt concept. we have a concept for a yogurt shop. modern hip, with a high tech twist...
tech twist??? oopps (trademark) all details a call away. it's an amazing idea and not a clone of you know who.

none of these are franchaises. we have worked out details of new concepts that are missing in the market place. we know design marketing and branding. from an artist perspective. this is not a chain. they arte designs ready to go... we just want to work.
323 707 3815

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