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Monday, April 20, 2009

strip mall opportunities

While so much real estate is available it's an amazing time to rethink some pretty awful designs. Without demolition, a new idea can rise from the ashes with hardscape , landscape, and some unusual building materials
Bulldozing, demolation, and rebuilding just can't be the answer during these times.
It just puts more crap in landfills and ignores the best thinking of architects and designers. Real estate developers and property owners may want to consider some of the following ideas.

1. reduce reuse recycle. a small 10-12 unit strip mall from the late 60's or 70's can be made to appear 21st century modern with metal  refacing. a look at different disposed materials make the choices unlimited. Large metal sheets from salvage cars left in their original colors and resealed would fit the bill. All concrete walkways stained 

2painted and refaced. a small strip mall would have each unit painted a different color with two contrast trims. Each unit has it's own color but the whole center stands out. rust charturce, plum, orange brick, willow green all work together. gives the whole unit a sense of place.

3lofty look.
 take out drop ceilings in a unit that is old and paint all the ceilings a solid brown. canvas color walls and stained concrete floors. The drop ceilings removed gives the height and loft feeling.
Unless the property is in a very cold area and it's unwise to have heat rise this is a great move.

These are just a couple ideas to update a mall and make a property stand out and be n more rentable. On Melrose in los angeles, one of the most desirable retaiul streets in the world, a five block stretch between fairfax and gardner has 29 places for lease. some stand out.


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