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Friday, April 17, 2009

big ideas for big boxes

I can't help but notice the empty circuit city stores. I was out prospecting for work; my normal type of business is a less than 3000c  storefront. I'm especially good at helping a client with a space from hell; turning it into a restaurant retail space or a salon.
I keep seeing these huge circuit city stores... all over the big-box landscape. I really don't think there is any chain that could come in and refit all these stores and put them back in service as something else. some maybe but not chain wide.
I came up with this list as  possible uses for the spaces.....

1.  work space and small light industrial. divided into 1200 to 2000sf spaces independantely lockable.  one loading  dock for all spaces. indoor door and exterior door for each.
2nd floor added. offices upstairs and an interior open space in the center shared.
a place for people to make money rather than spend it.

2 school  why build a new school at huge prevailing wage when a circuit city can be a school?
two  story  interior open space.

3 auxilerary building for a school. an offsite music, art, theater, center for a high school.

4 a mega church

5.sports complex....comprised of several businesses, bowling alley , video game arcade,  classes for martial arts ,dance, after school learning centers, gym, family center, but designed that all the businesses are independantely owned. health conscious restaurants, snacks in the center.

6. design center. divided into 8 stores, or showrooms. 4 up 4 down. wallcoverings ,carpet, lighting,  imports , upholstery,  outdoor furniture, and 4 spaces for small design firms. parking can use utilized at different times. designers are busy earlier and furniture stores later.

7 university auxillery space. a university nearby could use the space in lieu of building another5 building.

8 catering center divided into 2 floors. elevators large enough for carts and loading equipment and leased out to different catering firms probably 20 firms. this would be an ideal use of the burbank california circut city. different caterers could rent a corp kitchen and prepare kraft service for movies and film. general catering. interior shared seating for people who come in. when catering firms prepare more specials could be sold and consumed in the center.
also in this center would be a kitchen store.

9 restaurant suppy house. again divided. this time in 6. 3 up 3 down, restaurant furnishings, equipment supplies, janitorial supplies, all different owners. even room for some interior restaurant designers in the complex. 1/3 of downstairs is a produce supplier for restaurants

10 immediate use. furniture that's being dumped into dumpsters because homes are going into foreclosure can be displayed and sold. a huge thrift store. this might be a temporary use. but riverside california might want to comsider this use for their circuit city.

these are the musings of an artist and designer ...I look at the difficulities of these times and am desperately trying to see hope, solution and the positive. 
I would be willing to work on any store remodel with stained concrete, paint finishes ideas handpainted furniture...you get the drift.
 i would love to dialoge with anyone who has ideas about what i'm talking about.
i think this is a very green solution.
I  know the amount of red tape to do any of this would be so overwhelming it would almost be impossible. but nothing happens with out and idea. the reason to inspect a building is to make is safe not to protect the inspectors job.
lets talk
323 707 3815

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