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Sunday, April 12, 2009

looking for work 3

I almost lost it.
 i just thought this work, prospecting recreating a client list business was not going to work but i am have some success and breakthroughs when i least except it.
I've had a speciality painting and finishing business for many years. i've had long running design clients whjose work I've always done and have been busier than i could handle.
many of our designers have slowed down and even have had jobs cancel or delay.
so late last summer I began reassembling a client list.
It's been almost impossible to even get a meeting with a design firm. although most of them are painfully slow. the premium on their time is more because the company's income is less.
I start by sending a hello intro email, then phone with a hello and ask if they would be willing to check out our website and if they had any interest save it to favorites for future use, i'm then calling back to see if I may have a brief appointment to present my portfollio.
Tomorrow we hav e a luncheon at a major la architectural firm, i met a contractor downtown LA who is doing garment district tenant improvements, i met a developer who is considering us for a sales office interior, we are quoting an exterior faux aged finish on an italina restaurant and yesterday i successfully pitched a yogurt store interior....to a guy i met while walking in his store.
it's the same thing. i can phone email, send make post cards... but showing up is 80%

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